Samantha Brett is a journalist, author, news reporter, presenter and columnist. She is currently a television news journalist, reporter and presenter for 7 News Sydney. Samantha started her career in New York at the Fox News Channel, before going on to report for CNN, CBS & Sky News.

Early on in her career, Samantha Brett used her experience in New York to start Australia's first news online interactive column, writing for the Sydney Morning Herald. The daily column went on to attract more than 100,000 readers a day, thousands of comments and sat on top of the country's most-read list for over six years.

During this time Samantha wrote six bestselling books, thousands of articles and spent her spare time contributing to a number of charities and public speaking roles.

Samantha has reported on courts, politics, crime and major world events for Sky News and has filed stories for CNN Asia, CNN America, and CBS in New York. 

In her spare time, Samantha continues to write books for women. Her most recent book is "The Game Changers: Success Secrets of 40 Women At The Top" which has made headlines worldwide in over 100 publications, and has been featured on Good Morning America.  Portion of the proceeds from the book goes to The Pink Hope Foundation.