Manchester United - Samantha Brett Blog Post

After returning to work following maternity leave, I watched in horror - along with the rest of the world - the atrocities of the Manchester bombing unfold. Innocent children - one as young as eight - slaughtered by a cowardly attacker.

As a new mum, the stories that began unfolding hit a raw nerve. How will we ever be able to be devoid of worry as we send our children out into the world to enjoy the fun and frivolities of life? Will I ever be able to send my daughter to a music concert without being sick with anxiety? Riddled with fear? Consumed by worry? 

Psychologist are warning of the "catastrophic" effect the bombing could have on young people too, many too young to make sense of it all. 

The world once again changed in that instant that the bomb went off, as we watched the chilling screams; the desperate cries of parents waiting for answers, the frightened look of confusion and despair on the innocent children's faces. No explanation; no understanding of why or how. 

We know something has to be done to stop these acts of terror, but what? How? When? We know life must go on and we cannot let "them" win, but the reality is we do so with caution, trepidation, fear and with a renewed sense of love and gratefulness that our loved ones are tucked away safely at home, as we join a city in mourning for the ones they lost and the freedoms they once took for granted. #ManchesterUnited